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Writing a Winning Business Sponsorship Proposal Letter

There are several things that must be considered when you are writing your business sponsorship proposal letter. One of the most fundamental things in building a winning sponsorship proposal letter is finding out the information you can use like tools in the process of convincing proposition making. The success of your business proposal letter would mean success in your company’s development and expansion.


Stating the right purpose. Your sponsorship cover letter is a perfect way of stating the purpose that your organization or the business bears. The purpose as the most important part should deliver the information about how the sponsor will benefit from your mutual work and what additional bonuses it will bring for their business. For being more persuasive and trustworthy in this task, you can include the documentation to support your statements, perfectly you want it to be the factsheet and the full data package about the sponsorship. There is a strong correlation between how robust and convincing this part of the letter sounds and the recipient’s decision so you need to make sure to include as much persuasive facts figures and data as possible.

Creating the outline. Before you proceed to letter writing plan the outline of what you have to say in the letter carefully, take notes and don’t forget to include the important details. Never start the writing with impersonal “To whom it may concern”, the practice shows it is better to use “Dear Mr/Dear Mrs” instead, in such way to show that you wrote the letter personally for the particular reader. Make sure that the reader you address is the same person who makes such decisions in the company. Gather the information about the potential sponsor so in that way you may appeal to the facts and show your personal awareness in the recipient’s business. Find our about company’s policy considering the charity issues and make sure you are also aligned with them.

Here are several tips in order for you to secure the submission of a premium and error free business sponsorship proposal letter:

  1. Take your time to research credible and potential companies; do not randomly send business proposal letters to various companies but target effectively companies that showcase similar interest and goals with yours.
  2. Always decide carefully what the company will get in return in partnership with your business. Some companies are interested in getting added promotion and exposure so seal in the deal with attractive benefits.
  3. There are several levels of sponsorship; decide on your levels and corresponding rates and incentives.
  4. Your business sponsorship proposal letter should provide a description of your event and how much money you need from the company. Remember to always include an in-depth description of the program you provide and other relevant information.
  5. In most business proposal letters, it helps is you offer stories and testimonials that can help influence the company.
  6. Do not forget to acknowledge their time and opportunity to help; list also your contact details and you can also give a follow-up letter or call.
  7. Make sure that your business proposal letter is top notch as this will be read by numerous corporate professionals. Proofread and edit it to make sure that there are no errors or mistake that could compromise the quality of your business sponsorship proposal letter.
  8. The best secret in a successful letter of cooperation proposal is targeting companies that are based on extensive research. Creating an impressive packet will make it hard for them to turn down your business sponsorship proposal letter.

Probably the most important part of the sponsorship proposal letter is the cover letter that addresses the reader on the personal level. Being written in the professional in a concise manner such thin can introduce you as a trustworthy person and make the better impression of your business. Writing compelling, professional and yet trustworthy sponsorship letter is a really daunting process that you can get stuck with in the middle, the important thing to remember is that your chances are getting higher if you ask the right professionals that have a great experience.  We are always happy to assist you with advice and friendly support with business writing – any time of the day!

Spending too much time on business sponsorship proposal letter? There’s a better way of writing it! Ask us how!