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Business Proposal Letter FAQs

When you are starting out writing a letter of business proposal, you might have a few questions. You may have a lot of questions and internet research can only help you up until a certain point. We have worked with many people throughout the years who have received bad advice. We have successfully helped them and put them on the right path. If you have questions and we can provide the answers. Feel free to contact us!

I am really worried about having a business proposal letter written in English, who are your writers?

We employ only fluent speaking writers from the USA and Canada so you can be assured that your letter will be written in perfect English.

Are your writers qualified to write a business proposal?

All of our writers hold higher degrees and are chosen for having qualifications and experience relevant to the field in which your business proposal letter needs to be written. This ensures that your writer is fully able to understand your proposal.

How quickly can you produce my business proposal?

When you order your business proposal you will be able to choose the lead time that you wish your letter to be finished within. Obviously, the quicker that you want your proposal written the more that the writers will charge.

How much is all this going to cost me? Are your business proposal letters cheap?

There are many cheap services on the internet that also provide “cheap quality.” We, however, provide a highly affordable service that will provide your proposal letters through the use of highly talented and qualified writers that fully understand what needs to go into your proposal letter.

Are we going to get a unique letter that fully reflects our business proposal or will something be copied for us?

We use real experts to write your business proposals. We do not copy information from the internet nor do we use standard templates and just fill in the blanks. Your proposal letter will be written from scratch according to your needs.

If we are not happy with the draft what do we do?

Part of our process is to provide you with a draft of your business proposal; after all this is your letter and your business so you need to ensure that you have as much input as you need into it. You are entitled to as many revisions as you feel are necessary to bring the draft to the standard that you require.

What if I am not satisfied?

Please send us your request via support email and we’ll investigate your case. Our service offers 100% money back guarantee if we fail to meet customer’s expectations. We always aim for the full satisfaction of all clients; after all, we want you to return for your next proposal letter.

Our business proposal is highly technical; can your writers handle it?

We employ many different writers and each work within the fields in which they are qualified and experienced ensuring that they fully understand what they are working with. Our writers will be happy to include any required graphs, tables and other graphics that are required to make your business proposal convincing.

We have a very firm deadline for the delivery of our business proposal; can you make it?

We always ensure that our business proposal letters are delivered on time and to the right standard for every client.

How do you write an introduction letter for business proposal?

An introduction letter for your business proposal should draw your audience in to read more. At the same time, the introduction letter must contain enough information so that your audience knows exactly what you want from them and what you want to achieve. Overall, you really must make sure that all parts of your business proposal, which is led off by the introduction letter, fit together perfectly. The introduction letter is your grand entrance. We work with you to produce a high-quality introduction letter and will tailor our process to meet your goals.

What is the proper business letter format?

You need to make sure that your business letter:

  • Is concise and to the point
  • Clear and readable
  • Visually appealing
  • Addressed correctly
  • Expresses your main idea

It cannot be too short and not too detailed. To find just the right mix, click through to our website to find a sample easier and give us a call with your proposal. We can have a letter developed for you in no time!

Craft the introduction letter for business proposal better with us!