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Letter of Intent for Business Proposal

Writing a letter of intent for business proposal purposes can take a lot of time. The main purpose of the letter is to establish an understanding between two businesses or parties that are about to engage in a specific contract or deal. The letter of intent basically spells out what the two parties have come to understand about the contract and it’s very important that this portion of your partnership proposal letter be written very clearly and includes everything that has been discussed up to that point. The business proposal letter of intent is the one thing that forms the foundation for any legal documents that are drawn up later.


Letter of Intent Business Proposal: First Draft

When you work with us, we’ll first ask that you submit any valid information that you’ve gathered. We must know whether your introduction letter for business proposal is binding or non-binding. This makes a huge difference in how the letter is written. Because this letter is such an important part of your business proposal, we will work hard to make sure that it meets your guidelines. We may ask you several questions and if we aren’t sure about something at one point, we won’t just make something up. We’ll conduct our own research or consult you. When you get your first draft, review it and let us know if you have any changes.

Business Proposal Letter of Intent: Second Draft

When you receive your first draft, you may notice a few things that need to changed and that is perfectly okay. We know that things may change and are prepared to revise the draft until you’re satisfied. Let us know if we need to add anything specifically or if the wording of the document isn’t right. Remember, this letter can potentially be legally binding so it’s best to make sure that everything is appropriate. You can always ask us for more specific help if you need and if you’re finished, we’re happy to look over it!

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