Sample Business Proposal Letter

If you are looking for a sample business proposal letter, the one below is applicable to any small business or organization idea. This business proposal sample letter contains all the important elements that need to be included in any outline, mainly:

  • Identification of problems – shows proper research has been conducted and you are aware of any barriers, issues, problems or hindrances
  • Benefits – all winning business proposals outline the unique benefits they can offer both clients and partners
  • Credibility – third-party endorsements can serve to build trust
  • Samples – evidence of previous accomplishments or even personal achievements to associate your future business with success
  • Targeting marketing – a business proposal is all about communication and using the appropriate language suited to the target audience so they understand what you are talking about

The sample below can serve as an excellent follow up letter for business proposal template for brainstorming and outlining any letter. We also have business proposal cover letter samples available upon inquiry.

Example Business Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am the lead researcher for Brown Dog Research, LLC. Our company specializes in researching new methods of producing hot dogs for the general public that are both healthier and more delicious than currently available on the market. I have been committed to this purpose for over seven years and have developed a distribution model that would ensure that our hot dogs will be sold all over North America.


A mutual acquaintance mentioned that you are also passionate about providing healthier food options for summer cookouts. In today’s world, the need for easy access to healthy food is growing and with our research and your marketing capability this is an excellent way to push for multiple forms of communication about healthy food and to provide an easy source of information on important new happenings. Our goal is to effectively market and brand our hot dogs and increase the sales such that they dominate the market share by not less than 90%.


My company has worked with other reputable food corporations like CleanCows Inc and NoPestsPlease, LLC. We have garnered a strong reputation for reliability and security and are happy to provide references if needed.

1. Procedures

  1. Assist in planning implementation of the model of hot dog distribution to streamline development.
  2. Recommend steps to successfully implement the distribution process.
  3. Establish specifications for the bridge between marketing, distribution and sales.
  4. Establish standardized specifications for payment schedules to avoid any miscommunications or delays.
  5. Exchange of all necessary information relevant to the development and deployment model.

2. Training & Testing

  1. Research and work with your staff during the development and implementation to exchange as much information as possible.
  2. Incorporating a low-key distribution model to test the market (Eg. Establishing a taste-test, distribution of samples, etc.)
  3. Create a cost-profit statistics analysis to determine which markets are most viable.

3. Conversion & Post-Conversion

  1. Assist in planning, development and marketing.
  2. Support calls to be billed according to pre-determined agreed rate.

Upon implementation, your company will have an exclusive share of the hot dog brand at 20% and enjoy exclusive distribution rights. The hot dogs that are in development are expected to surpass the current market competition and become the leading brand in North America, with 90% of the total market share.


This project will involve cooperation and funding at all levels of research, development, marketing and distribution.


The estimated investment into this project will range between $100,000 to $500,000.

The estimated projected returns on the initial investment will cover initial expenses and lead to a steady market profit.


Please take advantage of this opportunity. To take advantage of this proposal, please include a signed copy of this letter along with an initial investment pledge.

We also have a website that is accessible and lists all our accomplishments. We are willing to show you our research center and would like to invite you to come view the current projects that we are working on.  If we can combine our expertise and begin to develop this project.
I realize you must discuss this proposal with your board members. Please put the matter before them at the next meeting and contact me with their decision.


Bob Harris

 Hopefully the example business proposal letter above was useful to you. We know that it can be difficult to take something and interpret into your personal business. Maybe you have questions about whether your letter is in the appropriate business proposal letter format. When you work with us, we can help you develop aness proposal letter from scratch or review what you already have.

We can provide you with the best sample business proposal letter you will ever find!